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In today’s times, one cannot imagine life without computers. However, of the 70 % of the Indian population who reside in rural areas, there are people who have never even seen a computer, leave alone worked on one. They are completely alienated away from fast pace of the upcoming technologies. This dichotomy has reaffirmed our conviction about spreading computer literacy down to the grass root level. CEEP, Centre For Education & Entrepreneurship Programme, with a team of focused motivated individuals, has been able to build appropriate course material that aims to impart computer skills as well as employment, within a very short timeframe, offering economic prices to the students of all income groups. The unique feature of this computer education is the focused approach i.e. on completion of this programme, the students, armed with computer knowledge and their course completion certificates shall be able to setup their own businesses or find competitive jobs in the market.

The underprivileged in India have realized the vast potential the computers hold for social and economic development. The mindset is evolving. Slowly and gradually, this silent computer revolution will take India towards an empowered nation status and CEEP is in the process of laying the foundation for that day. It is no longer a mission impossible!

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