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December 2011
1. Certification program based for Accounting and Publishing Dual modules was introduced to fulfill the requirement of all the candidates looking for job in both modules. The modules defined for the Certification courses were Computer Fundamentals and Applications with Accounting and Publishin

2. Final list of winners of "Shubh Ustav Offers" was compiled and displayed on result section of website. It was exciting offers and franchisees participated whole heartily and with sportive sprit. All the rewards distribution will be completed by Jan 2012 end.

November 2011
1. Attendance Module was introduced before examination to track the minimum required attendance of students to 75% and any students not fulfilling the minimum criteria are restricted from taking up the exam.

2.PGDCA and DCA courses were launched for the admission session in year 2012, this is first of Post Graduate level course introduced at CEEP.

October 2011
1.Top performers of July-August 2011 were rewarded with Appreciation Certificate and Webcam with inbuilt Microphone.

2.Festival Offer to reward the performance of Franchisee for Quarter period of October to December was launched under name "Shubh Ustav Offer" 7 slabs starting from 10K to 50K was designated with respective leveled reward items which can be used by Franchisee for upgrading there center.

September 2011
Certification program for publishing students was launched with name "Dristhee Certified Computer Professional- Publishing". Modules related to Computer Applications and fundamentals with DTP package of Photoshop, CorelDraw and PageMaker is tested online.

August 2011
Results of PowerPoint Award 2011 were declared on 15th August on occasion of Independence day. 1st position was secured by Mr. Mohd.Nadeem from Sultanpur Division, he was rewarded with Samsung Advanced Mobile Phone and Certificate, 2nd and 3rd runner ups were rewarded with Trophy and Certificate. Three winners from each division were also rewarded with Trophy and Certificate. Each participating student was awarded "Participation Certificate".

July 2011
1. Top performing Franchisees of April-June Quarter were rewarded with the Appreciation Certificate and promotional
material of poster size with individual Top performers name and Address.

2.To encourage the students to creative activities "Drishtee CEEP PowerPoint Award 2011" was organized for June- July
month,Students were excited and actively participated in the competition. Total entries of 227 nos were received from
North-East,UP and Haryana franchisee centers. Theme of Competition was "India's Victory in World Cup Final 2011".

May 2011
1. Installment pattern was changed for all the courses where first installment was charged bit higher after cutting some portion from Second and Third Installments. The decision was made to extend the benefit of Bag for students at first installment payment only where the earlier decision was to provide bag on clearing all installments

2. Maal Office was opened -Maal is interior block of Lucknow district and one more step ahead of Drishtee's expansion to reach out the extreme rural location to facilitate the Service ike Education, Finance and Rural Supply Chain. Maal Team is leaded by Ms. Ruchi Yadav

April 2011
Top performers of Jan-Mar 2011 quarter were rewarded with Appreciation Certificate and CEEP branded executive Bag.

March 2011
An initiative to bring the accessibility of Computer Knowledge at beginning age of school, CEEP launched CEEP@school program, which targeted rural based schools and intermediate colleges to cater the regular classes for Computer education from 6th Class to 12th Class. 500 students were enrolled for 1st season in various parts of UP for Computer classes and are successfully taking up the syllabus. All registered students were provided with Books cum workbook in Hindi language

Top performers of Oct-Dec 2010 quarter were rewarded with Appreciation Certificate and Dairy for New Year 2011

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